New U Pink Boutique

New U Pink Boutique is a place for you to feel comfortable and at ease about asking the questions that are important to you and your well being, while being able to receive a variety of services. The goal at New U Pink Boutique is to assist you with items you may need during your journey to a New U.
New U Pink Boutique provides Mastectomy Prosthesis, Compression Garments, Sleeves, Camisoles, Bras, Swimwear, Wigs, Hats, Clothing and Beautycounter Products. In addition to providing these products at the boutique or in the comfort of your home. New U Pink Boutique provides health and wellness services including X’tract Lymphatic Cleanse, Foot Detox, and Sleeve or Full Body Compression.
New U Pink Boutique is conveniently located inside the New U Rejuvenation Center. The New U Rejuvenation Center is a place to meet all your needs as well during this journey by providing Fitness Plans tailored to you, Nutrition Analysis, Jade Sauna, Oxygen Chamber, with an Aesthetician and Chiropractor on site. Come by or call to schedule your New U tour today.
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Thursday, May 17, 2018