Chiaretto Pink

Chiaretto is a dry and crisp Italian rosé wine made from red wine grapes using white winemaking practices. By limiting the juice’s exposure to the grapes’ skins, where the pigment is found, the color of Chiaretto stays pale. Its origins come from Lake Garda, where rosé is synonymous with chiaretto.

Lake Garda is halfway between Milan and Venice, in Northern Italy. Although it is located at the foot of the Alps, Lake Garda has a typically Mediterranean climate; vineyards and olive groves are cultivated along its shores. The hills of the Lake Garda basin were formed by glaciers during the Ice Age,  and give Chiaretto its remarkable freshness. 

Chiaretto’s color is a very pale pink. Chiaretto displays the primary aromas of the Corvina grape. Its fragrances range from flowers to herbaceous tones; from citrus fruits to apricots and wild berries; all accompanied by hints of spice, like cinnamon, cloves or vanilla. On the palate, Chiaretto offers  youthful, mouth-watering freshness.

Chiaretto is perfect as an aperitif, while chatting with friends. It’s perfect for informal lunches or barbecues as well as for elegant dinners. Chiaretto pairs wonderfully with appetizers and finger food. It also goes perfectly with Italian pasta or rice dishes, ravioli and pizza. Chiaretto is excellent with salt water and freshwater fish that is grilled, baked, cooked in salt, boiled or even raw. It’s a fantastic wine for Asian food (even the most spicy) and is superb with sushi.

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Friday, December 1, 2017